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Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning

Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning

Dry foam carpet cleaning is a method of carpet cleaning where negligible amounts of liquids are used to clean the carpet. In this method, a cleaning foam is applied to the carpet immediately after dry cleaning is done. The ideal ratio of the cleansing foam is 90% air to 10% liquid. The foam is then left there, undisturbed for 10- 15 minutes. This allows for the chemicals present in the foam to permeate into the carpet and begin their cleansing action. Once all of this is done, the carpet is vacuum cleaned to remove the foam and the dirt trapped by it. 

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Dry foam cleaning is usually done through a machine where a pressure pad is attached at the bottom of the machine. The pressure pad along with a rotating brush dispenses the foam on the carpet. The brush makes sure that the foam dispersion is uniform and reaches every fibre of the carpet. Once this has been done, a thorough vacuuming is done to avoid crystallisation of the foam and dirt retention. 

Dry foam cleaning is usually used to do a thorough cleaning of carpets as it cleans each and every fibre of the carpet. Apart from being used for thorough cleaning, it is also used for cleaning carpets which are either delicate or don’t allow for good water extraction. Dry foam cleaning is also the method of choice for cleaning older and dirtier carpets. Most commonly, it is used to grease related stains. 

Dry foam cleaning is used to cover a lot of area rapidly. Plus, since the foam created from the solution is 90% air, there is little to no risk of saturating the carpet. Plus there is no risk of any problems that are usually associated with water retention by the carpet. 

On the downside, dry foam cleaning causes a number of issues. The most prominent one being that it is ineffective against copious amounts of dirt trapped in the carpet. Plus, dry foam cleaning is usually done through a machine. The machine is quite expensive to purchase. In case of renting, if the machine has a lot of residue inside it or there is excessive amounts of dirt build up, then foam cleaning will be extremely ineffective. 

Apart from cleaning, dry foam carpet cleaning method is also used to put colour brighteners on the carpet. Other agents that are often put in are protectants and anti soiling agents. 

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