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Dry foam carpet cleaning vs steam carpet cleaning

Dry foam carpet cleaning vs steam carpet cleaning

steam cleaning services

Carpet Cleaning is very important for the maintenance of the carpet. It prolongs the life of the carpet. Carpets are an essential component of decor and its importance should not be ignored. Moreover, carpets are vulnerable to dust and pests and can spread diseases to your loved ones. If they are not cleaned up for a long time, then moulds may get developed in them. Carpet cleaning is a professional task and it requires adequate expertise. It is not as simple as it looks.

Dry foam

This is a very quick method which delivers excellent results. Dry foam carpet cleaning method is done when there is an urgent requirement for carpet clean up. In dry cleaning method, a dry cleaning powder is applied on the spot and stain. After that, a heavy rotating machine is used to open the carpet fibres which allow the dry cleaning solution to enter inside. Once it enters, it eliminates all types of stains, debris and spots. The cleaning solution is environment friendly. It functions like sponges and absorbs all dirt. After that a heavy vacuum is done on the carpet.


Fast- Dry foam carpet cleaning is very fast and quick. It leaves very low amount of moisture content in the carpet and it will take very few hours to walk again on the carpet

Affordable- The dry cleaning carpet solution is cheaper as compared to the other cleaning solutions. They will last longer if you use them in a proper quantity. It is cost saving and does not put weight on your pocket.

Highly effective- Dry foam cleaning is very effective in dealing with stains. It is because it deploys specifically designed chemicals for that purpose.


Does not do deep cleansing- Dry cleaning does not do deep cleansing. It is recommended only in the short run. It cannot remove moulds and does not guarantee breakdown of all pet urine particles.

Chemical exposure- Dry cleaning exposes your carpet to more chemicals. Overuse of chemicals can lead to fall in carpet durability and quality. It also leaves chemical residue on the carpet.. If not vacuumed properly, this residue can get stuck in the carpet fibres and cause severe damage to the carpet.

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Services

In steam cleaning, water is heated in high temperature and high pressure and is converted into steam. This steam is injected from the jets of steam cleaner into the affected area. The steam loosens up the dirt particles and they appear on the top. After that a cleaning solution is applied on them and it is heavily vacuumed. Steam cleaning ensures deep cleaning. It also removes odour and pests.


Very Effective- Steam cleaning is very effective and it cleans all the stains and dirt very deeply.

Less effort- You do not need to work very hard in steam cleaning. The steam cleaner does most of the job by itself.

Eco-friendly- If you are vulnerable to allergies, then you should definitely give this method a try. It does not use chemicals at all so there is no chance of catching any kind of allergy. Steam is natural.


Carpets take a lot of time to dry- In steam cleaning; you will have to wait a lot for carpet to dry out. You will have to wait for 24-36 hours which is a huge downside especially when the need for the clean- up is urgent.

Expensive– It is one of the most costly carpet cleaning methods. Cost depends on the size of the carpet and depth of the problem.